Segway ATV
For work or play then Segway and The Watershed have the right ATV/Quad for your needs

Take a look at The Watershed’s sensational Segway for all your ATV/Quad applications.

Segway is an innovative company in the field of Powersports design and manufacturing, included but not limited to: Quad Bikes, Utility Side by Sides, Sport Side by Sides and On-road vehicles.

Approaching the North Queensland market from a long-term perspective, The Watershed and Segway Powersports have available numerous self-developed patented designs including a hybrid powertrain, internal combustion engines, a smart IOV system, advanced vehicle designs that have been set to revolutionise this segment of the market both on the land or at play.

Standard on all Segway Powersports models in Australia, the Telematics BOX (T-BOX) is a connected-vehicle-standard terminal that delivers multiple online applications including vehicle remote monitoring, remote control, safety monitoring and warning via 4G, Bluetooth and CAN communication. You can access real-time data of your vehicle through Smart Commanding System (SCS).

All Segway Quads sold in Australia are also fitted with a compliant Operator Protection Device (OPD) included in the sale price by the dealer at point of sale. This intelligent interaction with your Segway Powersport vehicle provides industry-leading safety and leads you to epic places to ride!


Supplying the FNQ agricultural, commercial and residential customer with the best brands

We are the authorised sales, repair and warranty agents for the following quality manufacturers:

Irrigation Automation
We work with many suppliers to tailor a system to suit your requirements and have class leading products from a simple controller for domestic use to a full farm monitoring setup controlled remotely.
Honda Generators
Honda has always been a market leader in producing quality, innovative and environmentally friendly products. We stock the complete range of Honda Generators, from open frame industrial generators to inverter units.
Hyundai Generators
The Hyundai DHY8500SE and DHY6000S are one of the most popular sub 10kW standby diesel generators available on the market today.
Our Workshop
Our workshops are continuously developing and investing in the best tooling and products to ensure we can cater to our varying customer needs from servicing a chainsaw up to large horsepower tractors or diesel driven pumps.


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