Husqvarna cleaners
Husqvarna electric pressure cleaners are the favourite in getting the job done.

Husqvarna pressure washers can take on just about any space outside where dirt and dust has gathered. Add a complete range of accessories, and you will always have full control over the work. If you know us, we would never have it any other way, and we are pretty sure that goes for you too.

Each model is optimised for maximum cleaning performance and designed for a great user experience.

Clever swivel functions, quick connections, durable metal pumps, high-traction wheels and generous hose lengths are a few of the many features that help you get a perfect result.

Built for the toughest cleaning tasks around the home, around the factory/workshop, automotive and recreational vehicle dealers along with mobile homes, facades and estates.

Which Husqvarna electric pressure washer model is right for me?

The cleaning performance is determined by how the water pressure and the water flow are used in combination.

The larger the area to clean or the larger the amount of jobs to be done, the higher the cleaning performance recommended to get the job done efficiently.

100 - series: Designed for basic cleaning tasks such as patios and garden equipment.

200 - series: All-round pressure washers with robust and purposeful design, ideal for most cleaning tasks around the house and garden.

300 - series: High-performance, sturdy, long-life pressure washers with purposeful design for excellent results on demanding jobs such as vehicles and stone walls.

400 - series: A range of extra-large, full-featured pressure washers offering the highest performance and lifetime.


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