Irrigation - Fertigation
Utilising the best products to suit the application, we can custom make a fertigation system to suit your requirements.

This can be as simple as using a jet and venturi system sucking from a 20L container up to a custom made tank, and pump setup that is fully automated. Whether you have large or small volumes we are able to fertigate the lot.

We even have agitators to mix/stir your product in the tank/s. Again these can be fully automated if required.

Utilising either dosing pumps, piston or diaphragm, or keeping it more simple with a vertical or horizontal multistage for injection purposes.

Injection can be based in time or proportional with the flow of water through your pipelines. Talk to us for free advice on the best setup to suit your property.


Supplying the FNQ agricultural, commercial and residential customer with the best brands

We are the authorised sales, repair and warranty agents for the following quality manufacturers:

Irrigation Automation
We work with many suppliers to tailor a system to suit your requirements and have class leading products from a simple controller for domestic use to a full farm monitoring setup controlled remotely.
Honda Generators
Honda has always been a market leader in producing quality, innovative and environmentally friendly products. We stock the complete range of Honda Generators, from open frame industrial generators to inverter units.
Landini is a world leader in the field of agricultural machinery. With tractors ranging from 25Hp up to 682Hp, there is sure to be a tractor to suit your requirements.
Our Workshop
Our workshops are continuously developing and investing in the best tooling and products to ensure we can cater to our varying customer needs from servicing a chainsaw up to large horsepower tractors or diesel driven pumps.


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