We’ve been sales and service agent for Grundfos Pumps since 1986.

With the Grundfos reputation for quality and The Water Shed’s innovation and forward thinking this long association has resulted in many unique pumping systems and solutions to difficult pumping applications.

Having provided pumps ranging from hot water circulators through to household pressure systems, variable speed industrial pumps to large submersible irrigation pumps (75kw) and up to 150kw end suction pumps.

We believe we are pioneers in installing 8’’ bore hole submersible pumps up to 55kw on lengths of 160mm PE 100 poly riser pipe while our poly pipe shrouds on submersible pumps installed in rivers, creeks and dams are virtually maintenance free.

Sub Pump

PVC  mainline

Davey Pumps

Davey Pumps are as Australian as you can get. Their range of submersible sump pumps, rainwater pumps, household pressure systems, deep well injector pumps, engine drive firefighters, industrial multistage, swimming pool pumps and filters are a perfect fit with our customer requirements.

We are also agents for Tyco Southern Cross, Onga, White International, TKL, Mono, Regent, Franklin and Calpeda.

For those small applications, we have a range of 12 Volt pumps:

12 Volt On Demand Pressure Pumps for caravans and boats or for weed spraying.

12 Volt Amazon Pumps for transfer of water or diesel – these little pumps will fit through the cap of a 200 litre drum and with a 12m head are ideal for a temporary camping water supply.

Slurrpy Venturi Pumps which are a must for customers who want to clean out tanks or service pits and are ideal for sinking backyard water bores, in sizes from ½’’ to 2’’ they can work off a household hose.

Amazon 12v Pump
Davey Firefighter
Black Max Pipe
Centurion Micro Sprinkler
Centurion Micro Sprinkler

We proudly support our pumping products with trained service staff for both infield and workshop repairs.

Large bore poly pipe is a specialty for The Water Shed. With our large bore pipe welding machines allowing us to fabricate items for specific requirements we carry stocks of pipe from 90mm to 315mm together with fittings in butt weld and electrofusion weld to suit. This pipe is used extensively for pump suction lines, pump discharge lines, filter manifolds and valve risers.

Agricultural drainage pipe or AG pipe as it is known, is available in both plain and socked in 65mm and 100mm sizes with roll lengths of 20 and 100 metres. For those bigger drainage projects we have available Black Max corrugated poly large bore drainage pipe with sizes from 225mm to 600mm in 6 metre lengths.

Poly pipe in both rural and metric is in stock at all times together with popular sizes of low density. These stocks are supported with a huge range of fittings from 12mm low density to 110mm metric compression fittings for HDPE pipe. Specialty pipe such as drip irrigation tube and fittings to suit are on hand for both commercial and residential requirements.

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