Polyethylene is a material that has been around for a long while and is commonly known as Poly pipe.
Due to it's unique properties poly has become popular as a highly serviceable material for use in aggressive situations or applications where some degree of  flexibility is desirable.

In-house Poly Welding Polyweld 8 Polyweld 10 Polyweld 11

It's relative cost effectiveness means it can be manufactured in large diameters where other materials cannot. The one problem with poly is the joining of components to complete a desired job. While the process of butt welding poly components is not a costly one, the equipment required to complete the process is. For that reason, not many poly butt welders are in the hands of local irrigation shops.

The Water Shed specialises in the fabrication of custom poly components and poly butt welding.

Our FusionMaster model HF225 is capable of poly joints from 90mm od to 225mm od while our FusionMaster Model HF350 is capable of poly joints from 225mm to 355mm. These units have been built into their own pallet size steel boxes complete with their own 5.5kva generator making the whole units self contained and portable for use on site in the field. These units, combined with our specially built six-wheeler service utility, equipped with a 900kgcrane give the versatility to work independently.

In-field Poly Welding Polyweld 1 Polyweld 2 Polyweld12

Fabricated poly is ideal for:

  •  Pump suction lines and discharge lines
  •  Filter manifolds
  •  In field valve risers
  •  Creek or swamp crossings
  •  Difficult traverses where PVC pipe cannot be buried

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